quick sketch when the office server went down (test run for a Mongol 0.5 mechanical pencil)


i haven’t blogged in a while, but my exams are finally done, and now I can finally get back to drawing.  i’ve decided to include artist’s resources in this blog.  hopefully they can be of use to someone.

posemaniacs2posemaniacs is an excellent, excellent resource with a variety of different poses, perfect as references for nude sketching.  the site also offers different training features such as 30-second drawing and random pose viewer.

character_designs character designs offers many different photosets of nude, draped and clothed models, perfect for art students who would like to study life drawing but cannot afford to hire a model.

distant mountains

study from a photo I took years ago.  was in the southern part of the country and, during a long drive on the highway, was struck by the colors in the hills as the sunlight hit them at around 5 in the afternoon.  took a quick snapshot from the moving car.  this is the result: not as good as i wanted it to be. watercolor